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      Sanmei Glue, paste you and me
      Support Hotline:0769-85387852
      Company Profile

      Sanmei Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the sale of special imported 3M tapes, silicone pads, protective films, and die-cutting production of various shockproof, cushioning, non-slip, insulation, and protection precision die-cutting products. Widely used in electronics, computers, communication products, electrical appliances, metal nameplates, printed panels, rubber feet, automobiles, toys and other industries.
      The company has a full set of professional production equipment, a group of experienced technical engineers and high-quality management personnel, can complete the design, rewinding, slitting, laminating, die-cutting and other technological processes according to customer requirements. After years of unremitting efforts, research and development capabilities have been accumulated with experience, technology has been continuously improved, and new products have been continuously introduced. Many professional products have been successfully developed. In the tape industry, we are affirmed by peers and customers. We will strengthen research and development and innovate products based on the business philosophy of "service first, quality first" to meet the special needs of various industries, and we hope to grow together with our customers.

      Development Path
      After hard work, the company currently has 350 employees The subsidiary company consists of Dongguan Hongcan Plastic Products Co , Ltd , Dongguan Huilong Packaging...
      Changed its name to Dongguan Sanmei Packaging Materials Co , Ltd
      Formerly known as Sanmei Packaging Management Department, it was established in 1998 in Chang& 39;an Town, Dongguan City
      Company Culture

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